Laura Holland, Affiliate Broker, Realtor®

You may be asking, why is a middle school librarian from Elizabethton, Tennessee so passionate about Knoxville Real Estate? The answer is simple but comes in a few different parts! First, while I will always call Elizabethton my home because it is where I was born and raised and where my family still lives, Knoxville is where I feel at home! I have been a native for over ten years, and Good Ole’ Rocky Top is where I plan to stay. Secondly, even when I lived in Elizabethton, I LOVED houses…old (especially) but new, too. I always had a question about some house on some street and expected some answer!

Now, to get to the teaching part—Yes, I am a librarian, and I certainly love teaching research and technology to my students; however, my passion for houses has never gone away. So in 2015, my fellow and I embarked upon quite the journey…a fixer upper so to speak! Or something kinda like it (an 1823 log cabin with no foundation!)…And while this project did take a while longer than expected (longer than I can admit anywhere on record!), it made me love houses and made me appreciate Knoxville even more! So after I finished my Doctorate Degree in Curriculum and Instruction, I immediately began taking the steps to become a real estate agent. The rest…well it’s history!

If you’re interested in buying and/or selling a home, you can rest assured that my knowledge and passion will land you in YOUR PERFECT HOUSE. Contact me today; whether you’re looking for your own fixer upper, investment property, or move in ready dream home—I’m here to help every step of the way!